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New Patient Guide

Welcome to CareNow Pediatrics! We're excited to have you as a new patient. Our guide will help you navigate your journey with us. From scheduling your first appointment to learning about our services and policies, we're here to make everything easy for you. We can't wait to meet you and provide top-notch care for your child. Welcome to our family!

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We Welcome Newborns

We welcome newborns with open arms, providing specialized care and support during this precious stage of life. At CareNow Pediatrics, our experienced team ensures your baby's health and development are nurtured with utmost care and expertise.

New Patient Forms

To expedite your registration process, please download and fill out the required new patient forms below. Preparing these forms beforehand will help ensure a seamless experience during your first visit. Thank you for your cooperation, and welcome to CareNow Pediatrics!

For New Patients: Please print, fill and bring with you as needed. 

Thank you!

School Medication Form

School Medication Form

Day Care Form

Wake County Enrollment Forms

Middle School

High School

To make an appointment, please contact us at (919) 678-3005.

New to Area/Practice

We understand that finding a new pediatric practice can be overwhelming. At CareNow Pediatrics, we strive to make the transition seamless and stress-free. To partner with us, follow these simple steps:

Verify Insurance:

Ensure that we are in-network with your insurance plan. Please refer to our Accepted Insurances list for more information.

Transfer Medical Records:

Contact your previous pediatrician to request the transfer of your child’s medical records to our practice. This will help us provide the best continuity of care.

Complete New Patient Forms:

Visit our website to download and print all necessary new patient forms. Fill them out at your convenience and bring them with you to your first office visit.

 We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and providing exceptional care for your child’s health and well-being.

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Accepted Insurances

  • BCBS of North Carolina
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Well Care
  • Healthy Blue
  • North Carolina Medicaid
  • Carolina Complete Health
  • AmriHealth Caritas
  • United Health Care

Not all insurance plans are listed. Please get in touch with us to confirm that we accept your specific insurance.

To make an appointment, please contact us at (919) 678-3005.

Your Comprehensive New Patient Guide to CareNow Pediatrics

Greetings and welcome to CareNow Pediatrics! We are thrilled to welcome you as a new member of our healthcare family. This guide is designed to accompany you through every step of your journey with us, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience. From scheduling your initial appointment to acquainting you with our services and policies, our aim is to simplify your transition and provide exceptional care for your child. Join us as we embark on this collaborative journey towards your child’s well-being.

Step 1: Scheduling Your First Appointment

Your journey with CareNow Pediatrics begins with your first appointment. Our user-friendly scheduling process allows you to choose a convenient time that fits your schedule. Whether it’s a routine check-up, immunization, or any other concern, our dedicated team is ready to provide the best care for your child’s needs.

Step 2: Getting Acquainted with Our Services

At CareNow Pediatrics, we offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to your child’s health requirements. From preventive care and wellness check-ups to addressing acute illnesses, our skilled healthcare professionals are equipped with the expertise to ensure your child’s optimal well-being. Explore our website to learn more about the services we provide and how they contribute to your child’s health journey.

Step 3: Familiarizing Yourself with Our Policies

Transparency and clear communication are essential to a successful healthcare partnership. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our policies, including insurance information, payment methods, and appointment cancellation guidelines. By understanding these policies, you can approach your child’s healthcare with confidence and clarity.

Step 4: Preparing for Your Visit

As you prepare for your visit to CareNow Pediatrics, make sure to gather any relevant medical records, insurance information, and a list of questions or concerns you may have. This ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of your child’s health history and can address all your inquiries during the appointment.

Step 5: Your First Visit Experience

On the day of your first visit, our welcoming staff will guide you through the check-in process. Be prepared to share your child’s medical history, any ongoing medications, and any specific concerns you may have. Our healthcare professionals will conduct a thorough examination, answer your questions, and collaborate with you to develop a personalized care plan tailored to your child’s needs.

Step 6: Joining Our Healthcare Family

At CareNow Pediatrics, we consider every patient and their family a valued part of our healthcare family. We are dedicated to providing not only top-notch medical care but also a warm and supportive environment where you feel heard and understood. As you embark on this journey with us, know that we are here to partner with you in ensuring your child’s health and well-being.

Step 7: Stay Connected and Informed

Your child’s health journey is ongoing, and we are committed to being a reliable source of information and support. Stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter, which provides you with the latest updates, health tips, and exclusive promotions. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your child’s health.

In conclusion, welcome to the CareNow Pediatrics family! We are excited to have you on board and look forward to providing exceptional care for your child. With our user-friendly scheduling, comprehensive services, transparent policies, and dedicated healthcare professionals, we are here to ensure a seamless and positive experience throughout your journey with us. Your child’s well-being is our priority, and we are honored to be your trusted partner in their health and development.